Standard salad type, prefers cool weather – 21 days (baby) to 40 days (mature)
Early, slicer, flavorful, 7-8 –inch 48 days
High-yielding pickler, uniform size, good flavor, best at 2-3-inch – 47 days
Productive and flavorful long Asian cucumber. Sweet, crunchy with 11-13-inch fruits – 55 days
Vigorous pickler with 4-5-inch fruit with a long harvest period – 55 days
Smooth, purple-veined tender leaves. – 25-50 days
Italian heirloom, dark green long narrow leaves – 30-65 days
Heat tolerant, green full head leaf type – 50 days
Heat tolerant, full heads, well-colored leaves – 55 days
Green, crisp, juicy and flavorful – 51 days
Red and green, flavorful and ruffled – 52 days
Bright gold roasting peppers, sweet, flavorful, 7-10 inches long – 70 days
Sweet, 2-3-inch peppers, various colors, – 55-63 days (green) – 75-83 days (color)
Green with red stems. Best used as baby chard – 32-59 days


Rich, loud and spicy flavor, large 10-14 ounce fruits, dark reddish pink, juicy – 78 days
Early, great flavor, 4-6 oz. – 62 days
Compact plant, fleshy, fine-flavored, early harvest– 60 days
Early, good tasting and uniform ripening – 60 days
Super fruit quality with rich flavor. Plants have vigorous vines and should be supported. Medium to large – 70 days
Developed at Oregon State University for shorter-seasoned areas. Medium-sized fruits, meaty, smooth and solid (needs support) – 70 days

Tomatoes: Cherry

Exceptionally sweet intense flavor, vigorous and produces early – 57 days


Classic Italian variety. Full-flavored for cooking and pesto – 68 days
Large 4-inch cupped leaves, 18-20 inches in height – 70 days
Slow to bolt – 50-55 days for leaves, 90-105 to seed (Coriander)
A relative of oregano with zesty flavor – 85-90 days
For Italian and Greek cooking
Large, dark-green flavorful leaves for cooking, snacking – 75 days
Pine scented, needle-like foliage for cooking and medicinal purposes.
A staple of the herb garden – 80-90 days
Spicy, pungent and small – 90-95 days
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